About Us

MenoLabs Founders Danielle and Vanessa

Woman-Owned and Operated

We Have a Vision to Revolutionize the Way Women Transition into Menopause

As Co-Founders of MenoLabs, Danielle and Vanessa believe that women should have access to scientifically proven natural health care products, supplements, and high-quality probiotics that can keep us focused, healthy, and productive throughout our lives. Natural health solutions should be at the forefront of our daily health regimen to ensure a better life without compromising our days to deal with ailments or symptoms of menopause.

At MenoLabs We Want Effective Relief for Menopause

We Want Effective Relief

Women’s Health Goes Well Beyond Birth Control and Menstrual Cycles

There comes a time in our lives when we need more information and more specific care when it comes to our health. We want simple answers and effective relief. Natural health alternatives are changing the way the health community approaches menopause and what it can do for women across our country.

MenoLabs Head of Research Dr John Konhilas

John P. Konhilas, Ph.D

MenoLabs Co-Founder

MenoLabs was founded with a mission to bring the best research forward and a completely new approach to dealing with the effects of menopause. Co-Founders Danielle Jacobs and Vanessa Ford, both mothers, wives and successful professionals launched MenoLabs with Co-Founder, John P. Konhilas, Ph.D. an Associate Professor with the Department of Physiology and Sarver Molecular Cardiovascular Research at the University of Arizona.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best boutique menopause support products that include the highest quality ingredients proven to work and address the specific needs of women in menopause and perimenopause.

Our Vision

We are a highly motivated brand with a vision to revolutionize the way women transition into menopause through becoming the trusted support ecosystem that women rely on for guidance and support products.

Our Philosophy

We believe women should not wait for the medical research establishment to decide it is time to care about us. We believe the time is now and that all women are in this together.

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The Science of Probiotics

Probiotics are an exciting research topic, but once again, overlooked when it comes to the subject of how they might help women in perimenopause and menopause.

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The Reality of Menopause

We’re curating the very best in clinical research on probiotics, perimenopause, and menopause and providing it to any woman who wants and needs answers.

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